Character Creation

Ability Scores

  • Scores must be rolled up in the presence of the Dungeon Master (video conferencing is acceptable)
  • Roll 4d6 six times and drop the lowest die each time
  • Add up all the modifiers

    • If it comes to zero or a negative modifier you may reroll the entire set
    • If it comes to above +9 you must bump your scores down until you hit +9
    • If it comes to below +5 you must bump your scores up until you hit +5


100% optional. Write a couple of sentences, a book, or nothing.


Find a character portrait or at least give me a description to work with.

Obsidian Portal

Please add your character to the portal. Include your stat block, background, character portrait, and any other relevant information you desire.


Please buy a PHB.




Character Creation

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