Act I Pantheon

At this time in the history of Lower Corrinthius there were many small, scattered, and disorganized religions and cults. Many of the gods listed are known by multiple names and in some cases a combination of gods may be known by a single name. The list provided is not fully inclusive but represents the most prominent known gods worshiped in Lower Corrinthius when the Age of Blood started. Players are welcome to invent their own gods in order to fit with their character concept and background. No chaotic evil gods existed at this time so worshipers were limited to demon or other monster worship.

Deity Alignment Domains Symbol
Era, goddess of the sun, mother of gods N Light, Life, Knowledge Solar disk encircled in red flame
Diphine, goddess of the silver moon and stars NG Life, Light, Knowledge Silver lunar disk encircled in white flame
Onna, goddess of the black moon, and the void of space NE Death, Trickery, Knowledge Black lunar disk encircled in black flame
Azaris, goddess of healing and fertility LG Life, Light Perfect electrum ring
Hypatia, goddess of mathemetics, science, and magic LN Knowledge Shimmering abacus
Sidia, goddess of death and disease LE Death, War Skeleton with outstretched arms
Corhyn, goddess of art, nature, and animals CG Nature Acorn
Gertrix, goddess of oceans, seas, and storms CN Tempest Azure conch

Era is often referred to as the “mother of gods” and her daughters the “Seven Sisters.”


Act I Pantheon

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