Act I Political Briefing

Partial History

The history of the Velgoth people begins long before any of the races of Upper Corrinthius descended upon the lower continent. The Velgoth were uncivilized natives of Aoni Island who were nomadic hunters yet to learn the techniques of farming and sedentary life. That all changed, however, 2,000 years ago when a naval force of norathanians ran aground on the Mirthking Isles and sent scouts into the dark jungles of the main island. The scouts came across the natives and the Velgoth believed the tall, blue-eyed, blond-haired norathanians to be gods. Nearly half of the stranded norathanians, roughly one thousand in number, stayed with the Velgoth and began the foundations of civilization on Aoni Island.

The norathanians were quickly assimilated into the Velgoth population who today have the fair features of this race. In addition to changing culturally, the Velgoth were taught the norathanian art of technology and science. This accelerated evolution of knowledge led to the establishment of the city-state of Dgureo about 800 years ago under Chieftain Bassilus. He united the regional tribes and was the head of a budding aristocracy. This aristocracy, the Dorwah Dynasty, eventually became oppressive and 200 years ago the people of Dgureo rebelled and Veldruth the Reconciler came into power.

Veldruth instigated sweeping reforms to save the decadent city-state of Dgureo from collapse. The Dorwah Dynasty had drained the treasuries and destroyed the infrastructure of the city-state. Debt slavery, a major problem during Dorwah rule, was abolished and indentured servants were given the partitioned land of their previous masters. Despite his drastic reforms, Veldruth the Reconciler died believing himself a failure for Dgureo was still in economic shambles and a dark age for the Velgoth began.

After Veldruth’s death a series of tyrannical dictators destroyed any gains made in the last few centuries by the Velgoth. The currently sitting tyrant is Ephialtes the Pure who is infamously racist against those he considers of “inferior” stock (any Velgoth without the fair skin and other attributes of the norathanians). His laws and influence oppressing these people are slowly spreading south from the City-State Dgureo. Although the region is largely governed locally, Dgureo holds the most powerful military and technological resources. There is little doubt that Ephialtes is eyeing all of Aoni, and perhaps the surrounding islands, to become a new kingdom under his rule.


Act I Political Briefing

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